Labor Management Bundle for QuickBooks Users

Contact us for more information related to QuickBooks Payroll automation using our custom Time & Attendance module that includes Smart Time Clocks that read existing employee badges or offer biometrics clock-in to reduce buddy punching and ensure accuracy.

Time Gathering Announces Kronos Timeclock Replacement

Time Gathering Solutions now include all software and hardware to Replace Kronos timeclocks while still using the Kronos Central Application on the IBM System i Power System Server.
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Deploy Honeywell devices using TGS TCP/IP for IBM System i Server (no more 5250 emulation)

Deploy Honeywell Mobile Data Collection using TGS/IBM System i/Power Server custom data collection communications stack. Unlimited number of devices can be deployed for multiple purposes, Production tracking, labor tracking, inventory, shipping & receiving all using the custom TG TCP/IP for data collection served by the IBM System i Power System. Replace old 5250 devices using TGS TCP/IP and have all devices listening to an assigned port Centrally managed.

Time Gathering Replaces Kronos Central Hosted or on Premise Versions

Time Gathering Systems has teamed with Intelligent Instruments,, hardware devices for smart timeclock applications to offer a turn-key "Time & Attendance in a System i Box" replacement for Kronos Central.
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Upcoming Conference

Time Gathering Systems attended the Annual LISUG (Long Island Systems User Group) May Education Day. Maximum Computer hosted the event.

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The cost savings solution for Time & Attendence

We are the right choice if you are looking to improve service and save costs.

Replace Kronos or ADP and save 50% while increasing Valuable Security by Authentication of employee ID!

* Native on all IBM PowerServer and IBM System I and IBM AS/400!

Improving Accuracy, Efficiency,Productivity with Security

Improving Accuracy, Efficiency,Productivity with Security

Today, organizations are under increasing pressure to improve productivity, manage labor resources more effectively, improving security, while controlly costs to provide better services with fewer resources than ever before. All of this requires the power of an automated system that can provide appropriate time and labor management capabilities. Most organizations agree that the immediate benefits of automating time and labor management are to eliminate paperwork and streamline payroll processing. Additionally, automation can free the administrators, supervisors, payroll staff and employees to perform other functions. With a manual system, there is no way to keep a tight handle on researching disputes, coding labor levels, keeping records and abiding by Federal and State regulations.

TGS offers a complete set of component based Labor Management Solutions so we can easily and affordably deliver exactly what the IBM System i Power Systems client needs to meet their objectives. TGS offers the only Centrally based solution for Authentication of employee ID using biometrics. We also offer Automated Check Processing and W2 Processing. Replace Kronos or ADP and save 50% while increasing the security of your critical data. Kronos and ADP do not offer Authentication of employee ID. TGS along with our Partner VSSA offers Centralized Authentication and Registration. All other time and attendance solutions require that the employee register at the timeclock or device an thier is NO Authenticatin Process.

Our Labor Management Solutions are easily implemented with a long list of world class solutions for IBM System i Power Systems Applications for Financial and ERP. Infinium, Lawson, Jack Henry, Fidelity, Gold Colours, SAP, JD Edwards, PRMS, MAPICS, home grown and others become much more productive and add the very important and valuable layer of security needed when TGS and VSSA applications are integrated.

Replace Kronos or ADP and save 50% while increasing Valuable Security by Authentication of employee ID!



Time Gathering for IBM System i Power System s delivers an automated solution that is user friendly yet delivers the best of today's technology on a secure platform that provides security, productivity and data collection device independance. Data Collection is the first step in the automated time and labor process, in which employees record when they arrived, when they left, where they worked, and perhaps even the projects on which they worked. TGS provides the IBM System i Power System user with all of the components necessary to achieve their goals and objectives for employee management. TGS provides the Secure Sockets Communication Server that allows unlimited usage of data collection devices, time clocks for labor or hand-held mobile devices for labor, production, inventory, shipping and receiving data. TGS alos delivers a full featured time and attendance solution. TGS is a great replacement for Kronos users at a savings of 50%. TGS also offers features that are not available from Kronos. When Security is an issue TGS offers Centralized Authentication of Biometrics ID of the employee. This also includes Centralized registration of biometrics. All other IBM System i time and attendance and PC base T&A require the registration to be at the timeclock or device. TGS along with VSSA and the use of biometrics devices will allow HR or Payroll Managers to register and manage from the IBM Server.

TGS Labor Management Systems will integration quickly and easily with any of the world class IBM System i Financial or ERP Solutions. Infinium, Lawson, Jack Henry, Fidelity, Gold Colours, SAP, JD Edwards, PRMS, MAPICS, homegrown and others are compatible with our Time & Attendance and High Security Labor Management Solutions on IBM System i Power Systems Server.
TGS also offers great Hosting Solutions via our Hosting Partners that deliver our solutions on the latest and greatest IBM Servers, running current OS, tools and offering a world class programming support, technical support team of experts.

TGS offers many options for data collection devices from Stationary Timeclocks to mobile hand-helds and tablets. All devices run TGS Windows based applications that are downloadable or can be pre-configured on the device prior to delivery.

The LanPoint Time, 2-way IP addressable data collection terminals/timeclocks have the ability to read biometrics, barcode, magnetic stripe and HID/proximity.
This is a great replacement for your current Kronos Timeclocks. A great value, true savings and no more proprietary apps on the Kronos timeclock. TGS apps are open and end-user configurable, easy to use and very feature and function rich.

Honeywell and Motorola offer a large selection of hand-held devices that can be used for labor tracking as well as production, inventory, shipping & receiving.
TGS provides applications for all of the above.

Replace Kronos now and save 50%!

We guarantee a 6 to 12 month ROI!

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