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Time Gathering Systems has been an IBM Business Parnter and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) since 1997. Our focus and goal has been to steamline workforce management for existing IBM System i/AS/400 Power Systems clients that continue to consolidate resources and centralize all applications and operations. We also work with IBM to introduce new clients to the IBM System i Power Systems family of servers to provide "centralized" labor management for their organizations. Our solutions for data capture of employee work history provide high availability as well as real-time data transfer while insuring the highest level of data integrity. TG Solutions run native on IBM i Power Systems so they are quickly & easily integrated to all of the leading Financial and ERP Solutions that are currently running native on the IBM System i. Infinium, Lawson, SAP, PRMS, MAPICS, Gold Colours all provide world class applications and TGS provides rapid file integration. TGS also provides custom time & attendance for many of our fellow IBM System i ISV Business Partners. It is our goal to contine to work together to provide our IBM Power Systems clients with Centrally Managed Solutions that continue to deliver the great "value propositions".

If you are currently using Kronos for your time and attendance, we are a great alternative. Our solution has saved companies over 50% when replacing Kronos. TGS timeclocks can also replace the very expensive Kronos timeclocks. Our time and attendance solutions for the System i can replace the Kronos system rapidly, just FTP/download our communications and time & attendance apps in less than 1 hour, to your System i HR/PY Server in less than 1 hour. You can also replace the Kronos timeclocks with our Smart timeclocks that run Microsoft applications that are pre-programmed with our easy to use and modify clock applications. No more proprietary Kronos clock apps that your IT team cannot modify on thier own! Your current IT team becomes part of our team as we have already simplified the installation and management of time & attendance. We make it easy to "phase off" the Kronos Solution by replacing a clock at a time or by offering IBM leasing solutions that allow clients to replace all timeclocks at a low monthly payment.

If you are concerned about security then ask to see a demonstation of VSSA the Centralized Authentication for Biometrics for IBM System i/ Power Systems. It is the only centralized authentication of biometrics for the Server Level. All other biometrics solutions like Kronos register the biometrics on the timeclock and "do not" provide any authentication of ID. By implementing the VSSA Authentication Solution you centralize registration. This is a tremendous benifit for companies that have large numbers of employee as well as multiple locations. VSSA enables designated company department management such as HR or Payroll to register employees at thier desk.

Whether you are replacing your current manual system, replacing Kronos or ADP let TGS along with our other IBM Partners help by offering great applications and world class services.

Last but not least, ask about our great IBM Hosting Partners that will configure a specific hosting solution tailored to meet your company objectives. Again, value, while providing world class service and support is our goal. If you are currently using ADP for your time & attenance our IBM Hosting Partners offer the following applications for Time & Attendance, Check Processing as well as W2 Automation at an amazing monthly, quarterly or annual rate. Please request an on-line demonstratoin of our applications when you visit our website.

Time Gathering eliminates losses related to manual payroll-related audits, inefficiencies and overpayments to provide long-term savings and labor management benefits. Ours clients represent various vertical markets. City & Country Government, Manufacturing (discrete & process), Hospitality & Gaming, Not for Profit Agencies ,Retail and Medical/Hospital Management.

Our History

Time Gathering Systems team of professionals, have over 20 years experience in working with small, medium, and large businesses across the country to improve their labor management. We also introduce new users to the IBM iSeries Power Systems Server platform to bring them "high availability and reliability" that is critical regarding their companies tracking of employee data.
All TGS applications are native to further provide centralized. We are the only time and attendance solution to offer centralized authentication of employee biometrics for added security. Streamline the registration process of the employee biometncs by authorized HR, PY or Department Management. All companies including Kronos register the biomentrics at the timeclock or device. No authentication of ID is provided by Kronos and other time and attendance solutions.

Our expertise in workforce automation allows us to use "plug and play" technology that implements into existing IBM iSeries /Power Server enviornments. As an IBM Busniess Partner and ISV (Independent Software Vendor), we can provide "turn-key" systems for clients that prefer quick implementation, low cost, yet low maintenance technology, along with customer service and support. We offer world class hosting services to replace you current ADP systems as well as replace Kronos. Our IBM hosting centers provide the latest in server technology, tools and world class technical and programming support and services. Our hosting centers will tailor a hosting solution that meets all of your company objectives. TGS Labor Management Solutions are easily downloaded via the web and rapid to implement with all of the world class IBM System i/ Power Systems Applications such as Infinium, Lawson, Jack Henry, Fidelity, SAP, JD Edward, PRMS, MAPICS, Gold Colours, home grown solutions as well as Hospital or Medical Management Solutions.

Replace Kronos now and save 50% or more. We guarantee 6-12 month ROI.