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IBM iSeries Power Systems Server Family

IBM iSeries Power Systems Server Family Time Gathering delivers affordable Workforce Management/Data Collection Solutions that are Native for all IBM System i Power Server Users. Users continue to enjoy Centralized Management of all the applications your business requires — on a single system. IBM System i offerings are designed and built to simplify and solve the challenges mid-sized businesses face, from systems management complexity to insufficient availability to lagging productivity. TGS delivers Native Plug and Play Solutions that include the Software & Hardware for modernized data collection.

� Can simplify your environment by reducing the number of servers and associated staffing required so you can reinvest the savings to grow your business

� Gives you a complete, integrated system that provides a secure, reliable way to become an On Demand Business

� Runs a broad set of over 6,400 leading, industry applications from more than 2,500 ISVs

� Virus resistant by design, the i helps save money by avoiding multiple security patches throughout the year, as well as reducing concern about company data security being compromised.

The IBM i Power Systems Server has built-in enhanced system integrity (level 50): Parameter validation into the operating system and restrictions on use of user domain objects. This enables the System i to operate at the C2 Level of trust as defined by the US Government publication DOD 5200.28-STD, "Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria" (Orange Book). The OS/i operating system is distributed with the security level set to 40.

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