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TGS TCP/IP Communications Module for IBM Power Server Users

(Replaces 5250 emulation)

Technical Information (TCP/IP Sockets Communications Server)

Installed on the IBM System i Power Server Family (AS/400), the TGS Smart Data Collection Solutions provide a TCP/IP Sockets Communications Server that is customized to provide "Secure Data Collection" for multiple business requirements that include labor/time & attendance, production, inventory and other valuable company data. Each terminal transaction is automatically processed and authenticated by the IBM iSeries Centralized Server. The communications server handles multiple simultaneous transactions from any number of terminals. Because the server is not polling the terminals, the impact on system utilization is minimal. The TG/TCP Communications Server automatically starts when you start your IBM System i Power Server (AS/400) and provides advanced system management function such as error messaging via system operator, SMTP email, and SNMP network management protocol. TGS Communications Modules provide detailed diagnostic logging, automatic restart, and open systems TCP/IP interfaces.

Advantages / Real-time Data in a Centralized Environment

� Scalable IBM System i (AS/400) Sockets Server can handle one or hundreds of data collection devices without application modification.
� Non-polled TCP/IP Server protocol minimizes system resource utilization. System resources are only used when transactions are being processed.
� Non-persistent, on-demand communications sessions conserve system resources and minimize failure points.
� Automatic recovery routines minimize system administration and operator intervention. The application runs unattended in its own subsystem.
� Fully functional offline operation mode that queues data.
� Sophisticated systems management with operator error messages, email notification, and SNMP network management messages provide a reliable and manageable application.

Technical Features

� Dedicated subsystem for tuning
� Automatic starts server jobs when subsystem boots
� Menu interface for configuration and application management
� Diagnostic logging for easy error analysis
� Internet, WAN, and LAN connectivity
� VPN compatible communications for secure connections
� SMTP email notification on error
� SNMP network trap message on error
� QSYSOPR error messages
� ASCII / EBCDIC translation
� File Integration with existing payroll, manufacturing & inventory applications
� Download capability to the data collection device/terminal

Sockets Connection / IP Addressable
Plug & Play Applications for MSCE 5.0/6.0 Data Collection Devices for Time and attendance, Production & Inventory

Time Gatherer V3R9 CE 5.0/6.0 Applications realize real-time connectivity via secure sockets between the IBM iSeries Central Server offering a large variety of data collection devices such as, the Intelligent Instrumentation LANPoint Time (timeclock) , the LANPoint 7 Multi-tasking Data Collection Smart Terminals , Motorola Hand-Held Scanners, Unitec MR650 TASTerminals, IGEL America Thin Client and other manufacturers that use Microsoft CE 5.0 or 6.0 OS. The terminals are two-way IP addressable to execute real-time validation, authentication/id for labor transactions, production and inventory transactions to provide valuable error free data to department managers, plant managers, and other authorized management. Readers include: Barcode Visible Red and IR, Magnetic Stripe, HID Proximity, and Biometrics ( Secugen & Upek)

Advanced Features

� Onboard sockets software includes auto TCP/IP addressing.
� Off-line operation of TAS terminals is guaranteed when iSeries/AS/400 host is down or network connection unavailable. All terminal transactions are stored and automatically forwarded once the WAN/LAN connection is available.
� Easy, user friendly design provides quick set up, maintenance and monitoring of all real-time terminal transations
� Fast walk-through with horizontal Badge Reader or HID Proximity for Smart Cards
� 100 BaseT Ethernet
� Battery backup option and tamper-proof mounting options.
� Tough fiber-reinforced plastic case.
� Your choice of AutoID technology to include HID Proximity, Biometrics, Barcode, � Magnetic Stripe
� Pre-configured with TimeGatherer CE 5.0/3.5 Framework Applications for "plug & play" Workforce Management Data Collection and DataGatherer CE 5.0 for Manufacturing/Production/Inventory Reporting
� Seamless integration with the IBM Centralized iSeries HR/Payroll Applications and all other native IBM iSeries Manufacturing and Inventory Applications