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Security & Access Control for IBM Power Server Users

Security & Access Control for IBM Power Server Users Time Gathering Systems, integrated Time and Attendance & Access Control Security Solutions, offer advanced security/ authority served by the IBM iSeries Power System Server. Offer the highest level of Security by implementing TGS. Guarantee the ID of the employee assigned to a sensitive location by using biometrics Authentication. Also replace Server signon authority using Username and Password with authentication biometrics tools. This solution is used to also manage Contracted Security Guards Services.

The IBM i Power Server has built-in enhanced system integrity (level 50): Parameter validation into the operating system and restrictions on use of user domain objects. This enables the IBM i System to operate at the C2 Level of trust as defined by the US Government publication DOD 5200.28-STD, "Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria" (Orange Book). The OS/i5 operating system is distributed with the security level set at 40.

Whether your requirements are wired ethernet, 802.11 wireless, or GPS locator technology, our solutions are expandable and reliable. All programs are encryted to prevent data interception.

Employees can be assigned access to a specific door location, floor, elevator, hallway, etc. by authorized managers only, using password-protected higher-access id's. Authority is assigned by date, day of week, time and location.

All security, authority, and history of incidents is assigned and managed centrally by the iSeries i Power Server. Our high-availability solution provides real-time information and store and forward processes as well as built-in redundancy to assure data integrity.

Multiple types of readers are available to read existing employee badges or biometrics for high-security authentication. The TGS Access Control solution is 100% encrypted to prevent data interception.

Numerous Federal Government agencies have chosen the IBM i Series Power Server Platform because:

*Proven Reliability
*Capacity on Demand Capabilities
*Flexible Growth Options
*Resource Virtualization
*Dynamic Adjustment Resources
*Management of all Services through Intuitive Management Tools
*Designed to reduce complexity, streamline your infrastructure and enhance productivity through server consolidation.

Specific Agencies:

Social Security Administration
Department of Justice
Department of Defense
US Department of Interior
Department of the Treasury
Federally Chartered Banks

Access Control Security Door & Gate Control

Facility Access Control Security Products/ Doors/Gates/Biometrics/HID Proximity Sensors
Industry Experience:
� Government
� Hospitality and Gaming
� Medical
� Manufacturing
� Security Guard Post Scheduling, Assignment, Reporting, LocationTracking
� Retail
� Non-profit