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Technical Information

Installed on the IBM iSeries/AS/400, the TGS solution provides a TCP sockets Communications Server. Each time clock transaction is automatically processed and the response is returned to the time clock. The communications server handles multiple simultaneous transactions from any number of time clocks. Because the server is not polling the time clocks, the impact on system utilization is minimal. The TGS Communications Server automatically starts when you start your iSeries/AS/400 and provides advanced system management function such as error messaging via system operator, SMTP email, and SNMP network management protocol. TGS Communications Modules provide detailed diagnostic logging, automatic restart, and open systems TCP interfaces. COMMsense.


Advantages • Scalable AS/400 sockets server can handle on or hundreds of time clocks without application modification
• Non-polled TCP server protocol minimizes system resource utilization. System resources are only used when transactions are being processed
• Non-persistent, on-demand communications sessions conserve system resources and minimize failure points
• Automatic recovery routines minimize system administration and operator intervention. The application runs unattended in its own subsystem
• Fully functional offline operation mode that queues data
• Sophisticated systems management with operator error messages, email notification, and SNMP network management messages provide a reliable and manageable application

Technical Features

• Dedicated subsystem for tuning
• Automatic starts server jobs when subsystem boots
• Menu interface for configuration and applicatio management
• Diagnostic logging for easy error analysis
• Internet, WAN, and LAN connectivity
• VPN compatible communications for secure connections
• SMTP email notification on error
• SNMP network trap messagae on error
• QSYSOPR error messages
• ASCII / EBCDIC translation
• Integration with exisiting payroll database

Socket Connection Over Ethernet TCP/IP

TG/400 Sockets Connect now offers connectivity to Intelligent Instrumentation's LanPoint Time Ethernet-based terminal/timeclocks utilizing sockets on the IBM System i/AS/400/Power Systems. This terminal is an IP addressable terminal which executes real-time barcode , HID or biometrics scanning of labor transaction tracking. The LanPoint Time is available in high-impact plastic with multiple input options including barcode visible red and IR, magnetic swipe, proximity, and biometrics. All LanPoint Terminals are built to withstand high-traffic environments.

All registration of biometrics can being done centrally on the IBM System i using TGS/VSSA and will offer the only Authentication of ID solution for IBM Power Systems users.

Attach any other IP addressable data collection device using the TGS Secure Sockets Server Application. Mobile data collection devices from Honeywell, Motorola and others can be added to your company WAN instantly using our Smart TCP/IP Stack for all data collection devices. This TCP/IP Stack is great for all types of data collection, labor , production, inventory, shipping & receiving and more! Purchase 1 license and attach unlimited number and types of data collection devices.

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The LANPoint Timeclocks can be shipped with pre-configured applications to replace Kronos and ADP timeclocks.

• Onboard sockets software with TCP/IP addressing
• Off-line operation of time clocks guaranteed when AS/400 host is down or network connection unavailable
• Easy to set up and maintain
• Fast walk-through with horizontal badge reader
• 10baseT Ethernet standard
• Battery backup option and tamper-proof mounting options
• Your choice of rugged cast aluminum or tough fiber-reinforced plastic case
• Your choice of AutoID technology

Time Gatherer Remote Configurator

This Windows application enables your technical support staff to manage the LANPoint Time/Plus terminals running TimeGatherer v2.2 from any location on your network. With TimeGatherer Remote Configurator your technical support staff will have complete control of the time and attendance data collection devices remotely.

• Add/Remove/Change server addresses that the terminal(s) send data to.
• Modify the screen contents and operation on any terminal(s) on your network.
• Restart any terminal(s) on your network.
• Change the reporting format on any terminal(s) on your network.
• Real time virtual access to your terminals.

Remotely addressing all of your LANPoint Time/Plus terminals saves administrative time and money. Data Collection should not be a complicated process, yet it should be secure and delivered using modern highspeed processes. TGS solutions provide your organization with the processes necessary to streamline the capture and management of valuable employee work history data. It is our goal to provide our clients with both error-free and hands-free solutions that greatly enhance your organizations current payroll processing.

TGS TimeGather v2.2 for LANpoint

TimeGatherer v2.2 for LANPoint Terminals provides exceptional realtime data collection for Time and Attendance applications. Communicating directly with your IBM System i5 Server, TimeGatherer v2.2 is the solution that bypasses the polling method and its complexity.

• No time latency — because TimeGatherer works with a direct connection to servers there is no time delay between the time a "punch" occurs and its appearance in your Time and Attendance.

• "Store and Forward" — employee "punch" data is never lost if the server is not available. All punch data is stored if the server is not available and forwarded when it does become available.

• Works in your current network — TimeGatherer communicates in TCP/IP networks the same as any other device. The LANPoint terminal can be configured for DHCP or a specific IP address.

• Simplified workflow — there are no complicated "polling" schemes and setups to install and use TimeGatherer LANPoint Terminals.

• Use existing Time and Attendance — the output from TimeGatherer LANPoint Terminals can be defined by the user and sent to unlimited servers.

• Synchronization across Time Zones — TimeGatherer uses NTP/SNTP time servers to maintain time synchronization across time zones, just like your servers.

• Scalable — There are no additional requirements to add LANPoint terminals to your
network, no reconfiguration is necessary.

• Fully User Customizable — The user has control of how the application operates the
screen display and the formatting of the communication to the server. Configuration

o Clock identification
o Validation of Employee to clock (only valid employees can use the clock)
o Login time interval (elapsed time between employee punches)
o Messaging to specific employees
o Connections to Server(s) — Punches can be sent to multiple servers.
o Screens and operation — everything the user sees and how it operates
o Format of the output — the output of the clock can be set to the format to match your Time and Attendance program.
o Remote Restart — restart the application by remote.

• Remote Configuration — Using the TimeGatherer Remote Configurator the user can manage any clock that is reachable on the network from a PC.

• Server Configurable — the TimeGatherer Application configuration can be addressed by your existing RPG programs and applications.

With TimeGatherer v2.2 you can avoid adding unnecessary complexity related to Time and Attendance. TGS Solutions deliver real time data collection to provide clients with up to the minute tracking & reporting for the IBM System i5. The ability to remotely address the LANPoint Time/Plus terminals saves network management time, "time is money." Data Collection should not be a complicated process. TGS Solutions provide our clients with both simplified and standardized processes related to the collection and secure storage of valuable employee work history. TGS solutions also provide tremendous savings for your company, while supplying your Corporate IT Team with a high speed, modernized data collection solution specific to the IBM System i5 Server.

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